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How to use Benchling for your teaching lab!

Thousands of scientists from leading academic labs and biopharmaceutical companies use Benchling for their research, but did you know that Benchling is also an educational tool for high school and college teaching labs? To get you started, take a peek at these four sample protocols tailored f…

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Edit single bases with Benchling!

Currently, scientists can edit genes, with CRISPR, but how well can this method edit a specific base? Not very well — only 0.1% to 5%, and at best, 20% [1-3]. That’s all about to change! Alexis Komor and others from David Liu’s lab at Harvard recently devised a CRISPR mechanism, called ba…

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How to express CRISPR in your target cells

This tutorial is part 4 of 6 in the series “How to Create Knockouts Using CRISPR.” In the previous post, we talked about how to synthesize gRNA and Cas9 based on what cell line you will use. In part 4 of this tutorial, we discuss different delivery methods for your gRNA and Cas9. Intro…

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How to Synthesize your gRNAs for CRISPR

This tutorial is part 3 of 6 in the series “How to Create Knockouts Using CRISPR.” To edit a cell’s genome, you need to co-express both guide RNAs (gRNA) and the RNA-directed DNA cleaving enzyme Cas9 into the cell. In previous posts, we discussed how to select the best Cas9 for your applic…

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How to Design gRNAs to Target Your Favorite Gene

This tutorial is part 2 of 6 in the series “How to Create Knockouts Using CRISPR.” OK. Now we have decided the cell line and Cas9 for our experiments. Time to start designing gRNAs! To eliminate the function of your favorite gene, you want to target a consecutively-expressed exon n…

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How to Create Knockout Cells Using CRISPR

This tutorial is part 1 of 6 in the series "How to create knockout cells using CRISPR". Introduction When generating knockouts, CRISPR is the easiest, cheapest and fastest genome editing technique1, 2, 3. Here we provide a comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial to help you design your fi…

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