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A new backup for all your notebooks and data

We've heard many scientists say that they want better backup functionality in Benchling's lab notebook. Today we're excited to release two new additions: Easily create backup copies of your Benchling notebook, which look just like a traditional paper notebook Effortlessly back up multiple projects…

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Link Google Drive and Dropbox to Benchling

We've just added Dropbox and Google Drive integrations! You can now directly browse and link your files in Dropbox and Google Drive from Benchling. Try it out! Here's how to add accounts to Benchling: One of our goals at Benchling is making your research faster and simpler. With Dropbox and Google D…

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Cpf1 support added to Benchling

Researchers recently discovered a new CRISPR nuclease, Cpf1. Cpf1 is distinct from Cas9 in having an AT-rich PAM (broadening potential targets) and requiring smaller oligos (making it easier to deliver). The study was recently published in Cell. We've also added Cpf1 support to Benchling gRNA desig…

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Automated Assembly of CRISPR Plasmids

Benchling can now automatically assemble guides into CRISPR backbones, saving you precious time spent designing plasmids and oligos by hand. Watch this video to see it in action and then create a CRISPR analysis to try it out: In three simple steps, here's how it works: Import a gene from Benchling'…

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