ORF Detection

You asked, and we delivered! Open Reading Frame detection is now available on all of our maps.

plasmid with orfs

Using ORFs

Each start codon along the ORF is denoted with a green marker. If an ORF contains multiple start codons, clicking will select the smallest containing reading frame.

Translating an ORF into amino acids is easy – just right click on any ORF in the Sequence Map and hit Create Translation.

Settings You can turn on ORF viewing by selecting ORFs in the display options. You can adjust various ORF settings by clicking the settings icon:

  • Minimum ORF length required to display
  • Viewable frames (All, Forward, Reverse, -1, -2, -3, 1, 2, 3)

Up Next We’ve been working hard before the holidays, so stay tuned for updates on alignments and library editing in the next few days.

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