Announcing Benchling Gels

The quality of software is holding back innovation in life science. At Benchling, we’ve made it our mission to build beautiful, easy-to-use software that takes the pain out of managing and sharing biological data.

Seamlessly connecting the in silico and in vitro worlds is a crucial part of this vision. Today, we’re taking the first step by introducing Benchling Gels.

We’ve partnered with the Gel Company to develop a cheap, compact gel imaging system that uses an iPhone to capture and transmit images.

Benchling Gels consists of two parts:

  1. An iPhone app for capturing and uploading gel images.
  2. A web application for image storing, sharing, and analysis.

The iPhone app is simple and easy to use: just capture the gel image and tap Save to send it to Benchling. No need for flash drives and email.

You can then open Benchling to access and analyze your gel. Our tools provide a clean interface to annotate lanes/bands, check intensity graphs, and quantify your bands.

This is only version 1.0 and we need your help. If you regularly work with gels, we would love to give you early access to the product in exchange for feedback and learning more about your workflows. Just enter your email below.

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