Working with Genome-Scale Sequences

Editor optimization is a continuous process, and today we’ve reached yet another milestone. Working with large sequences (up to 5 million bases) in the Benchling editor is now possible – for example, here’s 4 million bases from the human genome.

The same editor you use to browse and edit plasmids can now handle entire sequences several orders of magnitudes larger, and it took some serious web technology to get there. We hope this improves the workflow for people working with large sequences, making it less about waiting for data to load and more about actual science.

Chromosomal Region Import To complement the new editor upgrade, the importer has a new Chromosomal Region feature that makes it easy to import parts of various genomes into Benchling. Just select a genome, chromosome, and range and we’ll import the subsequence into your library.

Genome engineering has seen some incredible developments as of late, and we plan to keep up. Stay tuned for some new features in the pipeline!

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