New Features Using CRISPR

Automated Assembly of CRISPR Plasmids

Benchling can now automatically assemble guides into CRISPR backbones, saving you precious time spent designing plasmids and oligos by hand.

Watch this video to see it in action and then create a CRISPR analysis to try it out:

In three simple steps, here’s how it works:

  1. Import a gene from Benchling’s database and design gRNAs using specificity and efficiency scores (see this tutorial for more information).
  2. Select your CRISPR backbone (e.g. pX330, pX459-62). Benchling will design oligos to insert the guides through type IIS cloning and create the output plasmids.
  3. Export the oligos for ordering and generate a notebook entry with the cloning protocol and mixture calculations.

For more information, check out this tutorial on automated assembly and this tutorial series to create knockouts using CRISPR. Stay tuned for more CRISPR updates in the next few weeks, including design tools for HR templates and verification primers!

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