Here at Benchling, we get it: Science is awesome, but doing it can be tough. That’s why we decided to share our tips for #HowToSurviveLab. When we went to Twitter for more advice, this is what we found:

Everyone agrees about food.

You’re also going to need the right tunes:

(Or podcasts…)

Sometimes it’s about crafty PI management:


Sometimes it’s just a shift in perspective:

But mostly it’s about personal wellness. Taking care of yourself goes a long way:

Find a relaxing hobby:

Cats count as hobbies… right???

But don’t forget about the actual labwork:

Of course, here at Benchling, we care about your research experience.

That’s why we build tools to accelerate research and empower scientists:

Many of our product features come from user requests—because we’re building these tools for you.

We love hearing from scientists, both from our community and beyond! So many thanks for everyone’s contributions not only to #HowToSurviveLab, but also towards our product.

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